Biography August 25, 2018 3:44 pm


1989 Yale University School of Art, Master of Fine Arts

1987 University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions & Projects

2010 Finalist Public Art Project: Miami Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters and Training Facility Miami Dade , Florida

2009 Finalist Public Art Project: Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta , Canada (project canceled) Finalist Public Art Project:: Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, Canada Public Art Installation: Toronto Court Building, Judges Chaimbers, Toronto , Canada

2008 “ Holly Holes:Absolute Stalls” curated by Denise Carvalho Dumbo Arts Center Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2007 “The Outdoor Gallery:40 Years of Public Art in New York City Parks” curated by Jonathan Kuhn, The Arsenal Gallery, Central Park, NYC

2006 Double Safety Net, public installation, St. James Church, Florence, Italy

2006 “Jackie in the Hamptons”, Dorfman Projects, New York NY

2004 “Our House” Installations at: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT; Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA; Diverse Works, Houston, TX; and White Box, New York, NY

2002 Live a Charmed Life” Installation: Nikolia Fine Art, New York, NY

2001 “The World Is Your Oyster,” Installation: Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY “White House Project” Installation: Nikolia Fine Art, New York, NY

2000 “Safety Net” Installation: San Francisco International Art Fair, San Francisco, CA

1999 “Safety Net” Installation: The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York, NY and Nikolai Fine Art, New York, NY

1998 “Safety Net” Installation: Saint Mary’s Cathedral, EV+A 98 (International Irish Biannual), Limerick, Ireland

1996 “White House/Green House” Installation: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council & City of New York Parks and Recreation; Battery Park, New York, NY

1995 “White House/Green House” Installation: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

1990 “The World Is Your Oyster” Installation: Connecticut Commission on the Arts, New Haven Harbor, New Haven, CT

1986 “Bedrock” Installation: Quadrangle Green Museum of Fine Art, Springfield, MA “Crucible” Installation: Image Gallery, Stockbridge, MA

1983 “TASTE-TEST Transparencies” Installation: New England Artist Festival, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, Sponsored by the Arts Extension Service

Group Exhibitions

2004 Inaugural Exhibition Installation: The Shore of Institute of Contemporary Arts, Long Beach, NJ Curator: Douglas Ferrari

2003 “Visual Perspectives” Installation: 14 years of the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, Groot Foundation Exhibition Space, Chicago, IL

2002 “In the Summer,” Christopher Cherra Space, Dallas, TX “Sugar & Spice,” Nikolai Fine Art, New York, NY

2001 “Artissima International,” Nikolai Fine Art, Turin, Italy Fellowship Recipients 2001, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY “Mortal,” Betty Rymer Gallery, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL Curator: Deborah Boardman “Chelsea Rising,” Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA Curator: David S. Rubin

2001 “Paper,” The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT (Con‟t) Curators: Jessica Hough and Harry Philbrick “Lighten Up: Art with a Sense of Humor,” De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA Curator: Nick Capasso

2000 “Just the Thing! The Object in Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture,” De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Ma Curator: Nick Capasso

1999 “Art & Artifice,” Nikolai Fine Art, New York, NY

1998 “Gothic Distress,” Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY

1995 “Garbage,” Thread Waxing Space, New York, NY Curators: Anne R. Pasternak and Ellen Salpeter “Art in the Anchorage,” Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage Creative Time, New York, NY Curator: Anne Pasternack “Pop Up Show,” Sculpture Park Socrates, Queens, NY “Investing in Dreams”: Exhibition of the Connecticut Artist Fellowship Recipients, The Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, CT

1994 “Garbage,” Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT Curators: Anne Pasternak and Ellen Saltpeter

1993 “NYC Sculpture Center at Roosevelt Island,” Sculpture Center, New York, NY “Seasons: Passage and Presents,” Connecticut Commission of the Arts, Bradley International Airport, Hartford, CT “Alumni III,” University Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA Curators: Patricia Phillips

1991 “Invitational,” Karin Giusti & Laura Cloud, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT Curator: Anne Pasternak “Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood,” Chesterwood Museum, Stockbridge, MA Curator: Linda Shearer

1990 “Trouble,” The Art Gallery, University of Maryland at College Park, MD Curator: Dana Friis-Hansen “Connecticut Sculptors,” Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT Curator: Paul Brenner “Balancing Act,” Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA Curator: Arnold Friedmann, December 3, 1989-February 25, 1990

1989 “Trouble in Paradise,” MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA Curator: Dana Friis-Hansen “On Site/New England: Public Art in Perspective,” Bank of Boston and Urban Arts, Inc., Boston, MA

Grants, Honors, Awards & Artist Residencie

2007 Bogliasco Fellowshiop in Visual Art ( Mixed Media) The Liguria Study Center For The Arts and Humanities, Fall 2007

2005 Award for Excellence in Creative Achievement: Brooklyn College, CUNY

2004 The Gunk Foundation: Grant for Public Art 2003 PSC-CUNY Research Award, Sculpture: City University of New York

2002 New York Foundation for the Arts: Fellowship Architecture/Environmental Structures Virginia A Groot Foundation: Grant for Sculpture

2001 Delaware Valley Artists Alliance: Individual Artist Grant, Sculpture Installation

2000 PSC-CUNY Research Award, Sculpture: City University of New York

1999 The Pollock-Krasner Foundation: Individual Artist Grant

1997 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: Fellowship in Sculpture Installation Bernard H. Stern Professor in Humor, Awarded the Stern Professorship: Academic Year 1997-1999, Brooklyn College, CUNY


2005 The Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts,Long Branch, NJ: Artist Lecture

2001 Bernard H. Stern Lecture in Humor, Brooklyn College of the City University of NY, Brooklyn, NY 2001 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL: Visiting Artist Lecture

2000 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA: Visiting Artist Lecture 1999 Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts: Visiting Artist Lecture

1996 Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY: “Public Art/Public Culture” 1993 Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.: Guest Lecturer “Temporary Public Art”

1992 John Michael Kohler Arts Center: “Artists in Industry Program” Lecture

1990 University of Massachusetts, Department of Art, Amherst, MA: Visiting Artist Lecture

Selected Collections and Commissions

2004 “White House-Greenhouse-Our House,” Scale Model: In the Collection of Baldev Dugal, New York, NY

2003 “Harbinger” Sculpture Installation: Commissioned by the Frogel Family, Bethel, NY “Rabbits Foot, Pink”: In the Collection of the Groot Foundation, Chicago, IL “White House/Green House” Model: In the Collection of the Groot Foundation, Chicago, IL

2002 “Safety Net”: In the Collection of the Fredrick R. Weisman Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

2001 “Safety Net”: In the Collection of Richard and Ulla Dreyfus, Basel Switzerland “White House/Green House”: Documentation in the Collection of Armand and Ewa Bartose, Jr. “White House/Green House,” Duratran Light Box: In the Collection of Seatan Melvin, NY, NY

2000 “Safety Net”: Drawings and Paintings in the Collection of Paul E. Hertz and James Rauchman “Rabbits Foot, Pink”: In the Collection of Katherine Kirk, Lincoln, MA

1997 “Manhattan Meltdown,” Photo Montage: In the Collection of Sigmund Balka

1996 “Bon Chance Baby”: In the Collection of Peco Energy Company, King of Prussia, PA

1995 “Oyster-Hearts”: In the Collection of Peco Energy Company, King of Prussia, PA

1991 “Pearl Necklace”: In the Collection of Daniel and Linda Gross, New York, NY

1990 “The World Is Your Oyster,” Temporary Public Art Installation:


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Authored Articles and Essays

1998 Giusti,Karin.“GothicDistress.”(ExhibitionCatalogue)TransHudsonGallery,NewYork,NY.

1994 Giusti, Karin. “Signatures in the Public Sphere, Temporary Public Art, New York, Summer/Fall 1993.” Public Art Review Spring/Summer 1994, issue 10, vol. 5, no. 2: 9-12. Giusti, Karin. “Cyborg, Semiotics, and Free Speech.” Public Art Review Fall/Winter 1994, issue 11, vol. 6, no. 1.

United States